Solar-powered arduino on workbench Panel view with arduino power feed Solar panel closeup!

Just finished my first solar-powered #Arduino setup, no more relying on USBs and other non-space-like power for Uchusen projects! From now on, no light, no project. Simple as that. First picture shows the humble workbench with arduino uno and solar panel side-to-side. Below, snapshots of the finished backside of the panel that feeds the chip, and a closeup of the panel.

The 3W solar panel came without its wiring so had to go out but none available nearby, so kind of (ahem) tweaked standard electronics kit wires to do the trick. Added in the DC-DC converter and battery into the mix, then plugged into the 5V Arduino. The panel wasn’t exactly the most sensitive beast around, and there were a number of issues hooking the whole thing up without it all falling apart when you pick up the unit. But now things seem to be running smoothly with the battery still supplying the microprocessor with no hiccups, 3h+ after switching off the light source. So far so good!

Note to self: and now for a little XBee magic so I can get rid of the mini USB cable ritual for good… but that will have to wait a little longer. More exciting news to come next week.