IMU-II & FTDI board connected and TX'ing IMU-II soldered a little better Calibrating the Uchusen IMU-II Backup IMU soldered to 6-pin header Uchusen's amazing (?) soldering area

Soldering, hooking up and calibrating this new 9-DOF IMU has been taking up most of my time this week. This IMU will allow our future craft to know which direction it is pointing in, and where it is heading if there are any changes in direction. Tied to the GPS (still stuck in the United States Postal Service customs hold in NYC since 3 weeks now - never use these USPS guys), we’ll know where we are, what time it is, where we’re pointed and where we’re heading. It will also help to be able to continue tracking the craft even when out of GPS range. Not bad for a start!

  • Kicked off with the first 9 degrees-of-freedom (or “DOF”) IMU-I bought a while back and that for some reason couldn’t get to work. Managed to make two solder blobs on both the 1V8 and SCL holes… don’t know if the connections ended up being any good, but will find out when I revisit this backup IMU.
  • Then moved on to the piece de resistance IMU-II which just came in a few days ago. Although abt four times the size of the first one, soldering went ok, and it was easy to connect up to the FTDI breakout board and USB. Yaw pitch and roll data flowed through COM13 the very first time! Unbelievable but true.
  • Next stop calibration: every one of the 9 axes of freedom needs a min and a max. This allows fine-tuning of the raw data coming off the sensors and was really tricky, but it worked. The result was still non-zero as you can see on the image, but it’s close enough for now…