Begin assembly on first Xbee kit Attaching a couple of resistors and wiring up Start soldering and cleaning up the back side of Uchusen's first Xbee And the finished Xbee with a bit of wire clipping still to do Uchusen's two Xbees completed and side by side Connecting base station Xbee to PC via breakout board

Getting ready for Uchusen’s first xbee to xbee wireless comms setup with 2x Arduino. Just assembled, soldered and prepared two xbees, then started work on the remote Arduino+Xbee combo.

Started also configuring the computer-side Xbee using a hacked-together FTDI breakout board setup… now I know why FTDI-USB cables are not always ideal, esp in this case. Couldn’t find HyperTerminal (as this has been phased out since Windows 7), and updating other tools like X-CTU makes me wonder whether there is a better way of doing this. Anyway, got this far, work to be continued over next few days!